secured payment



Thanks to technology used and the absence of clear print mentioning in the credit card number, PAYBOX Service affirms that it is safer to pay with credit card on the websites affiliated with PAYBOX than in most shops.
All phases of payment to be made between the buyer and PAYBOX is fully encrypted and protected. The SSL protocol is paired with the electronic banking.
This means that the information related to the order and the number of the credit card does not circulate on internet.

  • The credit card number is not printed on any paper, bill, slip or any other listing.

  • La Clusaz Tour has no view of credit card numbers.

  • PAYBOX does not store credit card numbers after transmitting the payment transaction to the bank of La Clusaz Tour.

So nobody has access neither means of a computer, or on printed documents of buyers credit card numbers

The risk of being "hacked" your credit card number when making a purchase on a website with PAYBOX SYSTEM is inexistent.
The different stages of securing the Internet payment

Each application for payment, the buyer switches from the merchant server to the payment server PAYBOX SYSTEM in connection with the banking world.

  • The buyer arrives on a SSL encrypted payment page


  • Entering of the credit card number, expiry date, security code and authorization request. The connection between the buyer and the PAYBOX SYSTEM server is established in HTTPS, secured with SSL, which encrypts all information exchanged. This coverage protects the data sent by the Internet and warrants to the purchaser that his credit card number cannot be intercepted by a third clearly during its transfer to the secured server PAYBOX SYSTEM. The home page PAYBOX SYSTEM informs the buyer of his purchase: Overview of the logo and La Clusaz Tour name (which ensures that the trade has been authenticated).


  • When the credit card number has passed a first level of control (key of Luhn, oppositions, and so on.) PAYBOX SYSTEM server sends an authorization request to the central bank which is affiliated to the merchant. This is done using standard bank protocols on a dedicated telecommunication network.


  • The approval of the central bank returns an authorization number or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX SYSTEM does the following operations: - Sends the payment receipt by e-mail to the buyer and to La Clusaz Tour - The credit card number is NEVER sent to La Clusaz Tour.


  • The buyer is then automatically redirected to the La Clusaz Tour server, where he can continue his visit.

Make sure you are in secured mode when you pay online
In this case, a closed padlock appears at the bottom of the browser window.
The beginning of the address of the website http://www shown at the top of the screen changes to https://www The "S" after "http" indicates that the communication is protected.
PAYBOX is naturally approved by VISA and MASTERCARD through the PCI-DSS program.
The various audits have validated that PAYBOX SERVICES apply a high level of security and integrity, completed by a sustained technological, to maintain the dual platform action.
It is also worth noting that PAYBOX SERVICES is the 1st French operator to certify all of these services (and Etrade and Payment Proximity Payment).