Frequent questions

  1. Payment possibilities :
  1. Is your online payment secure?
Yes, it is a secure system called “Verifone”.
More information on 
  1. Do you accept American Express?
No, we only accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
  1.  I wish to pay by bank transfer, where can I find your bank details?
Our bank details are not visible on our website; please ask us to send them by e-mail.
  1. Deposit and balance payments:
  1. My online credit card payment is constantly refused, whereas my account is replenished. What should I do?
Your online booking will be automatically cancelled after an hour if the payment is not validated. Please contact your bank to check the reason of refusal.
  1. ​May we pay the balance of our stay when we arrive?
No, the balance must be paid 30 days before your arrival; otherwise, we will consider your application as cancelled.
  1. May we divide the balance in several credit card payments? (E.g. if we are 4, divide the amount by 4).
Yes, it is possible to do it online. You can choose the amount you would like to pay on your account on our website.
  1. Booking contract:
  1. I made my booking online on your website; do I need to send you my booking contract signed?
When you made your booking, you’ve already accepted our terms and general sales conditions, so it is not necessary to send us your signed contract.
  1. I made ​​my booking by phone or email, should I send you my booking contract signed?
It depends on the payment method you’ve chosen to pay your deposit. If you have paid by CC on our website, it will not be necessary, as you’ve already accepted our terms and general sales conditions. If in case you have paid by bank transfer, please return us a copy of your contract, signed at the bottom of each page, with a mention “read, approved and signed” on the last page of the contract.
  1. I did not receive your email. Why?
Check your SPAM / unwanted mails box, it happens that our messages are sent directly into these folders.
  1. I can’t open the attachment.
You might have difficulties to open the attached files on smartphones and tablets. We advise you to try on computer. If you can’t open it from a computer, check if you have software which can read the files “PDF”.
  1. I don’t want to receive your newsletter anymore.
Click the unsubscribe link, or if you have any problems, please advise us by email. (


      1. I have already booked my accommodation with a travel agency, and I would like to add some services on your website.

La Clusaz Tour is a travel agency offering only all-inclusive packages, which means, it includes an accommodation. It is not possible to book services without an accommodation. You should contact the relevant providers.
  1. What is the deadline for service booking?
You can add services to your file until 7 days before your arrival.
  1. I have already paid my balance and would like to add some services.
You can add other services until 7 days before your arrival, even if you already paid the balance. You need to log in into your account on our website and then, you'll be able to add services in your accomodation booking.
  1. Do I need to send you my photo for ski-pass?
  1. We already have our ski-cards from last year; can we make use of them?
No, it is not possible to use them for La Clusaz Tour offers.
  1. In which stores can we get the equipment we have rented with La Clusaz Tour?
In almost all the shops of La Clusaz. You will have the complete list of our partners on the voucher we will give you at your arrival.
  1. Do children have skiing lessons at the Champions Club?
No, the champions club is only a childcare. If you would like to subscribe your child for ski lessons, please subscribe the 1 hour ski lesson session every day with “Piou-Piou Club”.

       8.  Do we need to provide a photo for the experience pass (summer activities) ? 

Yes, it is necessary. We integrate it in each individual support.

      9. Can you provide us bed linen and baby equipment?

The apartment listings mention if the apartment is equipped or if it can be requested.
  1. Is it at La Clusaz Tour that I will get my accommodation keys and services ordered?
No, in your booking contract you will find all the details concerning your arrival. You will also have all the information about your host / agency (address, name, phone number…)They will give you an envelope with the extra services chosen with your accommodation booked with La Clusaz Tour (ski passes, ski rental vouchers, ski lessons vouchers and so on) and the keys.
  1. Is it possible to arrive before the indicated time on my contract?
The keys are given late afternoon so that the audit teams and / or household have time to clean and check the accommodation. If the accommodation is ready before the scheduled time, your host will probably be able to give you the keys earlier. You can contact your host upon arrival to check with them directly.
  1. We will probably arrive later in the day. As the agency will be closed, how can we collect the keys?
It’s not a problem, hosts and agencies are used to these situations. You just have to contact directly your agency to organize in advance the key collection.
  1. Is it necessary to put snow chains on our car to come to La Clusaz?
Special equipment is required on mountains roads when it is snowing or has snowed as we can’t know in advance the weather. So it is necessary to have snow tires or chains in your car (please do ask form them if you rent a car). A police check can be done to require you to put chains in case of snow.
  1. My accommodation doesn’t include parking. Where can I park my car?
You can park your car in the underground car park called “salon des dames”, in the centre of the village. It’s free during the summer season and paying during the winter season. Parking spaces in the village (blue areas with the parking disc) or in the underground “village centre” / “Salon des Dames” car parks are free for one hour.
You also can suscribe to a week suscription at a special price through us.
You have to add it in your booking at the latest 7 days before your arrival.


    A. Cancellation of your stay:
  1. I would like to cancel my booking, how should I proceed to get the refund?
Any cancellation must be notified in a written letter (mail or email with acknowledgment of receipt). If you want to read our cancellation policy, you can find our terms and general sales conditions on your booking contract or directly on our website. We recommend you to subscribe to our cancellation insurance.
  1. I would like to change my booking (change the dates or apartment). Is it possible?
These kinds of changes are treated as cancellations. It is usually not possible to make these changes. However, sometimes hosts or agencies may accept under certain conditions. Contact us by phone (0033 (0) 450 32 38 33) or by email (
  1. Service and activities cancellation:
  1. Is it possible to cancel my ski passes and be refunded?
We refund ski passes only if you can provide us a proof (medical certificate, certificate from your employer ...) and only if they have not been used at all. We never refund them in case of bad weather.
  1. Is it possible to get a refund of my services if I am sick or I had an accident during my stay?                 
La Clusaz Tour does not support the refund of services in this case. We propose and recommend you to subscribe to “ARAVIS SECURITE” insurance which covers these kinds of risks. It is also possible that your personal insurance covers these problems. We advise you to contact your insurer to know your guarantees before you come.
  1. Cancellation Insurance:
  1. Is the cancellation insurance compulsory?
No, but it is highly recommended. In case of cancellation, we don’t refund your stay in any way. Subscribing to our cancellation insurance will give you the possibility to get a refund (depending of guarantees) of the amounts paid and dued.
  1. I wish to remove my cancellation insurance before paying the deposit but I can’t. How can I do this?
This function is not possible from your personal space. All you need to do is contact us by phone (0033 (0) 450 32 38 33) or by email (
  1. I have already paid the deposit for my booking, and I want to delete the cancellation insurance. How can I do this?
Once the booking is confirmed with the deposit payment, it’s not possible to remove the insurance because the insurance begins and is paid as soon as the booking contract is made.
  1. Am I covered if I have a Gold Mastercard or Visa Premier card?
Some credit card contracts offer this insurance. However, we invite you to contact your bank to determine the extent and conditions of the guarantees that are offered.
  1. Ski insurance:
  1. Is the ski insurance compulsory?
No, but it is highly recommended. It will cover the cost of rescue on the slopes and refund your ski passes and ski lessons in case of accident or illness.
  1. Am I covered if I have a Gold Mastercard or Visa Premier card?
Some credit card contracts offer this insurance. However, we invite you to contact your bank to determine the extent and conditions of the guarantees that are offered.
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